Are You Ready To Be Hacked?

Cybersecurity used to be optional... not anymore

Thursday July 27th, 2023 at 10:00 AM CST

Our CEO, Zachary Kitchen, who was busted for HACKING and wrote a best-selling book on cybersecurity, will cover:

  • The #1 Security Threat - Antivirus, Firewalls, And The Cloud Are 100% DEFENSELESS Against

  • How Insurance Companies Are DENYING Cybersecurity Claims, And What You Can Do About It.

  • One Easy Trick You Can Do To Prevent 99% of Cyberattacks Without Spending a PENNY

FREE Cybersecurity TRAINING

Learn the 9 Critical Security Protections EVERY Business Must Have In Place NOW To Avoid denial of cybersecurity claims, lawsuits, fines, and even prison!


Business owners, managers, and C-Level executives who are concerned about the new cybersecurity regulations being enforced and want to ensure their insurance company will honor their claim should the need arise.


This training event WILL fill up! We have prize drawings and a live Q&A session with Zachary Kitchen, our CEO and former hacker.


What is this FTC Safeguards Rule stuff?

The FTC has broadened the guidelines and started including many small businesses and are now holding small business accountable. Violation of these rules can included up to $10,000 fines and 5 years of IMPRISONMENT per violation. These even applies to shareholders!

I am not a financial institution, I'm just a small company. Do I need to attend this?

Don't you hate getting something in the mail stating that Big Corp got hacked, and your personal information may have been compromised? We do too.

If you're a business owner, then you likely have something to protect- most likely your money, right? Not only is the FTC is starting to crack down on small businesses, and they're FINALLY holding businesses owners accountable for PROTECTING their client's information. Not only is cybersecurity the RIGHT thing to do, but it's REQUIRED by law, and your insurance provider- if you want them to fulfil your claim.

All of our stuff is stored on, "The Cloud." We're covered with our IT company.

Because you run your business on the cloud, doesn't mean you have no liability from a cyber attack.

More importantly, a lot of the cloud providers in their long complicated agreements specifically state they are NOT responsible for data loss, look at Microsoft or QuickBooks, both VERY large companies and well known make it clear that they're NOT responsible for data loss.

Do you really think "Well, everything was on the cloud" is going to be a good enough answer for your client when you have to tell them you lost all of their data, or their data was stolen?